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This full face pastel portrait of a human is a unique and one-of-a-kind piece of art. Its intricate attention to detail and realistic representation will leave you stunned. It is the perfect gift for any art lover who appreciates the elegance and beauty of the human form. This portrait serves as a stunning showcase of the artist's creative ability and is sure to impress anyone who sees it. Experience the beauty of this stunning piece and bring it into your home today.

Full face pastel portrait human - 1 person

  • What do I get when I purchase this artwork?

    You will receive a hand drawn, unique piece oif art drawn on either acid free or pastelmat paper of a size of your choosing.

    The approval process includes the inital approval of the sketch (usually within 1 - 2 weeks of submission of reference photo), as many revisions as you needed to meet the your approval after the in-process drawing is sent. However, once the final version is created only minor revisions will be done. 

    The completed piece is coated with final fixative to prevent yellowing or smudging.

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