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And the #Ldnoncutestpet contest winner is....

The final winner of the #ldnoncutestpet contest is (drum roll please) POPPY!!!!

This was my first ever #contest and I was pretty pleased with how it turned out. As a newbie to #Instagram, one of the things I have struggled with is growing my #followers organically. So this contest was designed to bring brand awareness to more followers specifically in #LdnOnt where I live. The bonus of course is getting to see very #cute #Petphotos which always makes my day (and I know I am not the only one!)

Doing #petphoto contests also have the added benefit of creating #usergeneratedcontent of the #adorable #fuzzy type. Check out some of the other submissions below and tell me they're not the #cutest!

This is Mithu - who obviously know she's quite the looker!

This is Raven who is much more serious. Her eyes are looking right into my soul!

I am really hoping to make this an #annual competition. Maybe next time, in addition to the free #petportrait I make add a monetary incentive. What do you think?

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