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Will I ever finish?

There are some days when as an artist you are working on a piece and it seems like you will never finish. That's how I feel about this version of Yellow coneflowers in bloom. I previously completed a 9" x 12" version of this piece on pastel paper which was pretty ok but I felt it needed more detail on a larger scale.

So I decided to create another version, still using oil pastels but now on 18" x 24" canvas. On this larger canvas, adding details is much easier as you can see.

But oil pastels on canvas takes FOREVER ( or so it feels some days!). This isn't the first time I have done oil pastels on canvas. One of my favourite floral pieces - Purple Bearded Iris - is on 18" x 24" canvas as well. It took an excruciatingly long time to complete but I truly loved the end result. Now it is part of my personal collection.

I won't stop working on this piece even if it takes until the end of 2021. But, man, some days it feels like I will never get there! Oh well. I guess I will keep on keeping on until then.

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