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Looking towards summer

In my youth, I never understood the fascination with summer in the movies I saw and the songs I heard. After all, I lived in eternal summer as a Caribbean girl. It's difficult to miss something that's always present. Then I moved to London, ON and experienced my first winter. Though there is a pristine beauty in still winter mornings, I could not reconcile with the dread cold that came with it. I was accustomed to 35°C weather. To feel temperatures south of -15°C was unconscionable to my mind. Those first winter months I longed for home, for warmth, for the bright sun on my skin. Then slowly, the months crept towards summer. The days grew longer and I enjoyed the sun so much more than I ever had. So this is the summer of which they spoke, I thought as I watched the butterflies return to make love to the flowers in my small garden.

Now that I call Canada my home, summer and all that it brings holds a special place in my heart. I love the flowers, the butterflies and of course the warmth. The coneflower is one of the emblems of summer. I guess that's why I am fascinated with it. Although I am primarily a pet portrait artist, every now and then I feel called to create different artwork. I have worked on this particular piece for several months in between commissions. With every stroke I remember the feel of the long summer days. I hope to finish it soon as I look towards summer.

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