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The thing about pets

When we first came to Canada, our daughter really wanted a kitten. I told her I couldn't afford one but as soon as I got a full time job, I would get one. It took a few years as I returned to school before landing a job at the local hospital but I kept my word to her and we got 2 kitties - Christopher Robin and Joey Kangaroo or Chris and Joey for short.

Those two were so sweet and gentle. Chris especially loved my husband Andrew. He was happiest nestled around his neck. Drew wore hoodies all year round for this purpose. Both cats loved the outdoors. For months they hunted in our backyard, keeping me company during the long summer months while I did my gardening. But one day, Joey went out and never returned. Chris mourned his brother as the two had never been apart since birth. A few weeks later, Chris wound up dead across the street. We assumed he was searching for his brother and met his end from a wild animal judging from the wounds. My daughter burst into tears when I brought him home. We buried him in the backyard near the rhubarb plants that he sheltered under during summer. Every day, I see the blue and white cross Amaya put over his grave from our kitchen window. It took two years before we got another cat. The thing about pets is that they climb into your heart and never leave. All of us grieved in our different ways. Amaya carefully preserved their toys. I kept his grave fresh by adding decorative stones. Drew recounted their antics ad nauseum, as if the repetition might bring them back.

Amaya missed having kittens and began a campaign for us to get another pair. I was initially against it as I wasn't over the deaths of Chris and Joe. When her little face crumpled in disappointment, I conceded. I promised to search after our trip to Trinidad. After all, who would take care of them while we were gone? This satisfied Amaya who agreed with my logic. She was looking forward to going to see her grandmother, Avo, my husband's mother. She was not feeling well and we felt it was important to see her that year. It was the last time we saw her alive. She died during the beginning of Covid-19 so we couldn't attend her funeral. It made me think how short life was and how we should enjoy every moment

When I returned to work, my coworker asked if I was still looking for 2 kittens. I called Drew and we decided to surprise Amaya the next day. The look on her face when she saw those 2 kittens! My son who was much more ambivalent towards the cats and Amaya decided to call them RJ and JJ. My bid to call at least one of them Meow Meow McFuzzikins was unanimously shut down. These 2 also crept into our hearts, even Felipe's whom they harass to pet them late at night when he's gaming. They definitely have us wrapped around their little paws and are thoroughly spoiled according to our vet. Dr. Parmar at White Oaks Animal hospital

This short video gives you a little snippet into their lives. Enjoy

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